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Dental X-Rays

X-rays, which also are known as radiographs, are an essential component of any dental exam. The overall quality of the photographs we take help us understand the condition and positioning of your teeth, which is why we place such high importance on using the latest technology.

Our advanced photography equipment provides us with explicit detail of the tooth, bone and tissues that support your teeth. By viewing every component of your teeth and gums with such distinct clarity and precision, we learn much about the mouth that is undetectable to the naked eye such as:

  • Cavities
  • Health quality of the bone surrounding your teeth
  • Existence of periodontal disease
  • Status of developing teeth

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Advanced X-ray equipment is particularly important for those patients receiving cosmetic dentistry such as implants and Veneers, for which accuracy of placement is of the utmost importance. But, regardless of the treatment, high-quality X-ray images is key to us in providing you with the most suitable treatment to keep your mouth healthy and your smile pretty.


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