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Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

If your tooth is chipped, broken, worn, weak or discolored, we may recommend a porcelain crown. This crown is made of ivory-colored ceramic, so it easily forms into a natural shaped tooth. The porcelain crown is capped over the remaining natural tooth to restore it to be fully functioning. We often recommend a porcelain crown for use on front teeth, however, it also may be equally as appropriate for the back. Regardless of where the crown is placed, it extends into the gum for a natural appearance. 

The porcelain crown is rated as a relatively inexpensive way to replace front teeth. The creamy coloring is solid throughout, making for an easy complement to your natural surrounding teeth. In fact, most of our patients prefer a porcelain crown to every other capping treatment because it closely resembles the translucency and tone of a natural tooth. Plus, the material that a porcelain crown is made of is bio-compatible. This means the body will easily accept it without causing reactions such as gum irritation or other bodily rejections.

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