Family Dentistry

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Are you looking for a reliable family dentist in Huntersville, NC? At Kreeb Family Dentistry, we provide a wide variety of family dental services including exams, x-rays, periodontal disease treatment, dental implants, and porcelain veneers. Our staff creates a relaxing, inviting atmosphere that is perfect for treating both children and adults. We make our family dental office a pleasant experience and make sure that all our patients are comfortable and entertained during treatment. Huntersville family dentistry team, Drs. Bryan and Kelly Kreeb take appointments for children of all ages, and invite you to bring your family to their family.

We recommend making a dental appointment at our Huntersville family dentistry office for your child a few months after the emergence of the first tooth. Early dental checkups are an important part of monitoring your child's oral health. Cavities can be exceptionally painful if they are not treated immediately. Seeing a family dentist at an early age also helps to develop healthy preventative habits and reinforce your children’s dental care and hygiene at home.

We hope that our website helps you make better informed decisions about your children’s dental care.

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